Fine Pigment Inkjet Printing for Photographers and Artists

Word-of-mouth referral has been a very good friend to us over the years. In fact, the vast majority of our clients found us by referral. Through this web site we want to try to honour the community of excellent artists and photographers with whom we have had the good fortune and great pleasure to work, to provide helpful information and to honour the work of several of its fine members. We invite you to visit our gallery pages for a sampling of the work.

At CSi Print Studio, our mission is simple and straight forward: We are dedicated to the creation of fine imagery in print. We make high quality, custom, pigment inkjet prints for some of Canada's finest photographers and digital artists. Our parent company, Colour Systems Inc., has a wealth of experience in fine commercial printing and bindery. At CSi Print Studio, in addition to museum grade, high gamut Pigment Inkjet Printing, we offer a wide range of expertise in services such as rotary drum and flatbed scanning, image retouching and restoration, lithographic and digital sheet fed printing. With an impressive selection of fine papers from world renowned paper mills from which to choose, we create beautiful prints with permanence qualities that will withstand the test of time. Please visit our Fine Papers page for details and interesting insights into the world of fine paper.

Well, that's pretty much what there is to know about us. We do very good work for some very talented photographers and artists whose work has been displayed by some very fine galleries and exhibitions around the world. We love their work as much as our own and that shows in our prints.

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We've been providing high quality printing services for over 30 years. We offer some of the best and most current print solutions available. With service and print quality always at the centre of our focus, we are reliable, competitive, innovative and fast. We are committed to staying at the lead edge of technology, so we can serve you well into the future. Access to the studios is by appointment only. Please email or call for an appointment.